A downloadable Frog Horror Game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Detective, we have received reports of kidnapping and cult activity centered around a small trailer park on the outskirts of Loveland, Ohio. The members of this cult are lead by Pastor Abram, a recently denounced minister for the Heartland Church of Christ. Pastor Abram has experienced a sudden change in his demeanor, exhibited by his increasingly radical sermons in which he proclaims that frogs will save God's children from extinction.

We believe that this may be the actions of an anomalous creature.

Take on the role of an Agency Detective, as you explore a rural trailer park in Loveland, Ohio, and uncover the secrets of a frog-worshipping cult.
Every decision has a consequence. It's up to you how this story will end.

Loveland is inspired by cult classics such as Deus Ex & the X-Files. By blending immersive simulations with the psychological thrills of beings beyond our understanding, Loveland delivers an engrossing experience that will have you playing through the story multiple times.

Psychological Horror

Dive deep into the depravity of a religious mind, corrupted, as you uncover the horrific fate of the many members of the Loveland Cove Cult.

Non-Linear Gameplay

You are open to investigate the Loveland Cove Trailer Park in whatever way you see fit. Whether you do the bare minimum, or leave no stone unturned, the choice is up to you.

Multiple Endings

Do not expect your actions to go without consequence. There are multiple outcomes to how this story can go.

Immersive Aesthetic

Engulf yourself in the sights and sounds of a warm summer night in rural Ohio as you traverse through the eerily quite trailer park known as Loveland Cove.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(68 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, cryptid, Detective, Horror, Immersive, Walking simulator


Loveland Demo (Win).zip 247 MB
Loveland Demo (Linux).zip 265 MB
Loveland Demo (Mac).zip 260 MB

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is this still coming out? the twitter hasnt been active in like a year and it's been 4 years since this released, hope this didnt fall apart

jesus is kinda frogy


Awesome game,cult of frogs is pretty interesting concept,i will look forward for full game,is there multiple endings in demo? Cuz i tried to get different ones,but got only one,i wanted to play VHS tape i found but it was the end of the demo,also i noticed some bugs,like objects hanging in the air

PLEASE FIX after this update I can't play and this is my favorite thing is this game posted somewhere else???


Of course it's in Ohio

simplemente un juego lleno de investigacion de nivel medio, con ambientes pantanosos que me han encantado y un sin fin de detalles que me atrajeron

Yeah i no longer can play i have tried and it wont pass the car ride.


HEY the new update wont work and i love this game!!!!

Hiya Frost, sorry to hear that! Are you getting an error or anything? Where does it crash for you?

after starting it like this is one of my favorites i play every update. If i go on Steam it wont even let me download it.

Please see if there is a problem with it this is my favorite game.



me gustó bastante el juego, sin duda alguna la ambientación fue lo mejor. espero llegue este año para poder probar el juego completo


I’ve made a review: https://youtu.be/-B5Vvy6J9xo

I’m keeping a close eye on this game’s development :) I honestly believe it to be one of the top horror games for 2023 (if it’s released then 😋)

Don’t eat the frogu

when will the full game come out?


Drugs, Cults and Frog Sex?? What more could you want from a game?

I know I'm late, but this game was worth it! I enjoyed the aspect, artistic rendition, and the idea of the games foundation.

I was confused on "The Agency" at the end, the reason behind the agency's way of brain washing the detective, and also why these frogs were coming out of nowhere, how were people being turned into frogs and what not. I WANNA KNOW THE MYSTERIES! 



Extremely excited for the full realease Im incredibly amazed How much work you have been putting in I played all 3 demos and everytime I come back the Game gets better and better! Keep up the Amazing Work!!

Excited for the full release!

Such a great game! I can't wait for the finished product! 

love the game thank you so much i really enjoyed it :):):)

i was so happy to see a demo update, can't wait to see more!!!!

The game has improved a lot from the last time I played it. I really liked the plot, some gameplay changes and the variety of choices during conversations. The game looks very good.


Just uploaded this to my channel. Enjoyed this game a lot. Was kinda confused when I first started but I'm also dumb haha. I definitely recommend playing it. Cant wait for the full release! Here's my video if interested in watching. Your game link and page is in my description. 


I really appreciate the interactivity with objects and having more than a linear option to choose from. Very visually aesthetic and intriguing story. Had lots of fun playing and i'm excited for the full release.


Im excited for this still!

New Demo, old demo in desciption (NO Commentary) Full PLay

(1 edit) (+2)

Which demo is more up to date, this one or the Steam release? I downloaded both and the files don't match up between the two and I'm not sure which one is more current. I'm guessing the Steam one as it looks like the public demo branch's last recorded update was 2 days ago.


That's correct, the Steam version is currently more up to date. We'll make sure to update this Itch.io version very soon.

If i try to play the itch io version it crashes after the demo start. I can not even download it on Steam this is one of my all time favorites please fix


This game was so creepy and fun. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see more of it. 


Loved this demo cant wait for the main game the fact that you could ACTUALLY order a pizza or meme on the phone line exposing government secrets honestly was hilarious 


That was really fun to watch lol. Glad you enjoyed it! There's still plenty more to come.


Thank you! I'll definitely be playing it when its done love the attention to detail and optional events


I've played both demos now and I have to say, this is shaping up nicely.  The atmosphere and story is really creepy and I can't wait to find out more about the frog cult. Oh, and I got a kick out of the Pink Floyd reference at the end of this demo. I will definitely be buying this game once it's released on Steam.


Heeeey! You're the first person to get that reference! Glad you enjoyed the demo. We're working hard on making it worth the wait.


I'm so stoked for the full release of this game. This demo strikes a bizarre balance between comedy horror and legitimate horror with its subtle tension building. The audio is really well done too, particularly in the spider trailer. The visual filter is a bit overpowering, and there's a strange light issue (that might be an intentional artistic decision) where if the flashlight isn't hitting a surface, you're in complete darkness. This would make sense in Space, but not in a small room where that light should have plenty of walls to bounce off of. 

Also a few typos, but not a big deal in a demo.

Already wishlisted on Steam!

Thanks for making games!


Glad to hear you enjoyed the game! The light issue is not intentional, and we have a system in place we are testing that moves the flashlight back when in enclosed environments.


I've played the new demo and I have to admit, it change a lot since the HauntedPS 2021 version , it's look now more polished and interesting but I have the feeling that the characters models doesn't quite fit into the theme of the game, previous models looks a  lot better but anyway can't wait for the full version.


The character models are quite a bit still WIP. They'll be more in-line with the final look when we launch


I'm so excited for the full game! The demo was fantastic and I just want to see more ~ 


We're releasing a huge update to the demo today!


Cool! Thanks for letting me know! I'll definitely check it out! 


I can't wait to see more!  The atmosphere and graphics look so good.  It wasn't too hard to figure everything out either.


I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this game, definitely kept me on the edge of my seat! Can’t wait for the next chapter! 


really wonderful game, loved the tiny world you built!!


Glad you enjoyed it! We will be releasing a more feature complete Demo, followed by the final product very soon!


will there be more frogs?


I freaking loved this game.  I loved the atmosphere, I loved the world-building, I loved that I was scared the whole time and I was still having fun.  I personally can't wait for the full game.  It can't come out soon enough.


We're happy to hear you enjoyed it! We're hard at work trying to get the full version ready


A Little Late to the Party But I love what you did with the update a huge step up from the last version ! Im very excited to see the full release!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! The full version is going to be quite an upgrade!


found the demo for this through the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc--this was definitely my favorite of the bunch!! the visuals (and subject matter; who doesn't love the loveland frog man?) hooked me and the exploration-horror reeled me in. the visuals really elevated the horror here and got me thinking about retro horror in general:

i've wishlisted this on steam and can't wait for the full release!!

Thanks for the wishlist! The full version is going to be something real special!


I played Loveland a while ago before the overhaul, and I remember thinking it was very interesting and wanting to see where the story would go. I'm glad to see the full version is coming out soon! It's already on my Steam wishlist :)


Thanks for wishlisting Loveland! We are hard at work on the Full Version and it will not disappoint 🐸


A very fun slow build kind of horror, I thought this game would be more cheese but the fact that the horror elements were mostly played straight was delightful and vaguely unsettling. 

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So firstly, I'd like to say, I quite enjoyed this game.. and yes,  I know the frogs may not actually be gay, but it's a fun idea. 

..and honestly, I really believe someone  *SHOULD* make a game where you fight as Alex Jones to save the world from an army of gay frogs. People would love it. Trust me.

Anyway, here's my playthrough, hope you liked it.

And hey... maybe one day YOU could make a sequel? A version just for me?

Maybe call it, LOVELAND COVE: Attack of the Gay Frogs?

Lol yeah. Well, probably not JUST for me, but it was worth a try.

Really though, great game. I just believe that what the world DESPERATELY needs RIGHT now, is a game about glitter throwing, tea spilling, limp wristed, oh no you' di'int bitch, homosexual frogs.

I know someone could make this, and make it brilliant. That someone could be you.


Played during a stream starts at 1:12:23

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