Loveland v0.666 Available Now!

According to, it's been about 129 days since we've updated Loveland... During that time, we've re-watched "The Office" 43 times, whilst somehow still finding the time to perform a COMPLETE OVERHAUL of Loveland!



What all has changed in this overhaul you ask? Well, quite frankly, everything.
Oh, wanna know more.. well:


New Story Content
v0.666 brings with it a host of new story content, including brand new rooms, redesigned trailer layouts, and new story elements. Dive deeper into the mysteries of Loveland then ever before...

Updated Low-Poly Models
We performed a passthrough of every single model in the game and gave it a much needed facelift. Especially the Toilet. It really needed it.

Actual Textures
We've added some wonderfully grungy texture work that really drives home that "Ohio Trailer Park in the middle of a Swamp" aesthetic. No more flat-color textures!

Real-Time Lighting
After a bit of model optimization, and sacrificial offerings to a certain unnamed organization, Loveland now sports some spooky realtime lighting. We hope this pleases you.

Bug Fixes
Thanks to everyone who let us know about the bugs they've come across! We've been hard at work squishing em as we see em, so please let us know if more rear their ugly heads!


Even if you've played through Loveland before, we HIGHLY advise to give v0.666 a try. The new content is definitly worth the time! Trust us ;)

Interested in keeping up with the development of Loveland, or just wanna post frog memes all day? Then join our Discord!


Loveland Demo v0.666 (Mac).zip 63 MB
Jan 30, 2021
Loveland Demo v0.666 (Windows).zip 59 MB
Jan 30, 2021
Loveland Demo v0.666 (Linux).zip 70 MB
Jan 30, 2021

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